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Our Products
Vintage Barrel Collection   Vintage Barrel Collection
Handcrafted from reclaimed barrels, these proprietary products are only available through Fontenay. [More...]

Vintage Barrel Collection

Our distinctive wine racks are hand-crafted from reclaimed wine barrels and antique tanks. These vintage barrels reveal the rich history of their contents. Our racks add unique character and olde world charm to your personal wine cellar, bar or restaurant. [More...] 


Belicoso Collection   Belicoso Collection
Hand-finished and hand-distressed wood flooring that is naturally rustic and distinguished by its rich color and radiance. [More...]
Nautical Timbers   Nautical Timbers
Antique timbers from the ballast of ships that traveled the world during the 1940's through 1970's. With over 70 different species of wood originating from South America, Asia and Africa, this floor reclaims history for a truly unique installation.[More...]
Custom Collection   Custom
We design a variety of products and customize them for your space. We offer anything from patterned wood flooring to custom-made barrel tables and furniture. [More...]